Praktijk Frederiks 023 - 55 30 444
Praktijk van der Stap / Maat 023 - 55 30 442

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General practitioners Westergracht is a collaboration between two general practices – Practice Frederiks-Granneman and Practice van der Stap. We are housed in a beautiful location on the corner of Westergracht and van Oosten de Bruijnstraat in Haarlem Zuid-West.

We offer comprehensive general practitioner care. In addition to regular office hours by appointment, we provide care for chronic patients, for which two practice assistants are employed. We also have an additional two practice assistants for the psychological treatment of children and adults.

In practice Frederiks-Granneman, Wessel Frederiks and José Granneman are the two regular GPs. In practice van der Stap the two regular GPs are Herman van der Stap and Anne Hilde Maat. Our practice telephone numbers are listed below.

  1. Frederiks / J. Granneman 023 55 30 444
  2. van der Stap 023 55 30 442

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The Corona virus – COVID-19

The outbreak of the Corona virus in the Wuhan region of China is spreading. The virus can cause COVID-19 disease. Together with the World Health Organization WHO, the Chinese authorities are investigating the Corona virus. Measures are being taken worldwide to prevent further spread of the virus.

The Coronavirus can cause pneumonia. Complaints are: sore throat, fever with a cold, coughing or difficulty breathing.
You can prevent viruses by regularly washing your hands, sneezing and coughing in your elbow and using paper tissues.

Call your doctor if all the following 4 things are right for you:

• You have been to mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Iran, or mentioned municipalities in Northern Italy
• You have had contact with a confirmed Corona patient.
• You have a fever (38 degrees Celsius or higher)
• You have to cough a lot or have difficulty breathing

Do NOT go to your doctor or GP station. Then you could infect other people.

If you have other questions about the Corona virus / COVID-19 that are not related to having complaints after risk contact with a confirmed Corona patient and or visiting on of the risk areas, take a look at one of the following two websites for more information.

Website link Dutch Only
Website link RIVM Dutch only